Childhood Cancer – Sibling Stories

Childhood Cancer Awareness | Gold ribbon
Childhood Cancer Awareness | Gold ribbon

Mrs Brown (Kerry) is a parent, an educator and a writer.

She knows a lot about Childhood Cancer too, because her son Felix was diagnosed with Leukaemia and is currently undergoing treatment.

Felix started a blog about his experiences and became well known, especially on Facebook and in their local area.

Mrs Brown started writing a blog about being a parent of a child with cancer, and has other successes to her name, such as the Grit Journal.

This month of September, being Childhood Cancer Awareness Month, she has published many sibling stories on her blog and I would urge you to go and read them.

Our son is an only child so we did not have to consider brothers and sisters. We were able to concentrate purely on him. I guess that makes us lucky … Or, maybe he would have benefitted from the support of a sibling – who knows?

Please follow the link and read about these amazing young people:

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