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Childhood Cancer | Finding the positives

Childhood Cancer Awareness | Gold ribbon

There is no doubt that having a child with a life threatening illness is one of the worst things that can happen to a parent.

I am well aware that my posts about Childhood Cancer are not full of positivity and there is a reason for that …

I am still trying to process all my thoughts and feelings, still trying to come to terms with it, and I can definitely say that it’s not been the highlight of my life!

However, there were a few positive things that happened during that time. So it does make sense to talk about them too.

The main thing that happens is that people will want to help. All sorts of people. There will be support workers and charities that are there to help, that is their job. There will also be fellow parents who will be very supportive, and parents who you will be able to offer support to as well. There are also celebrities who will also want to use their status to help make life a little brighter.

I wrote about camaraderie in my post about Great Ormond Street. The fellowship amongst the parents is unique and special, and I am extremely grateful for the friends I have made along the way.

There are several charities that help by granting wishes. The one that made a dream come true for my son was MAKE A WISH. They spoke to my son about what he would like and then they organised the whole day and included many extras to make the day even more special.

We also attended a celebrity Christmas Party at Hard Rock Cafe, organised by the hospital. The celebrities we met were just lovely. They made time to speak to all the families and the memory is one I treasure.

These things only happened because my son had cancer, and I am sure that other cancer families will agree that they would rather have a healthy child than dine with celebrities etc, but it is an important part of the healing process to look for these positives.

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I would also like to remind you about the Ziggy Zoo Radio page on Facebook. This page is managed by my husband, and it is a place where you can share your own experiences of Childhood Cancer.


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