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Four days, four cities, 40p

Yes it is true, in just four days we visited four different cities for just 40p! How did we do it? Our local railway company had a flash sale and were offering tickets from...

visiting Wakefield 11

Visiting Wakefield

Visiting Wakefield? Some of the places you can see include Hepworth Gallery, Chantry Chapel on the bridge, the Cathedral, County Hall, and Theatre Royal.

Wordless Wednesday 0

Wordless Wednesday

View this post on Instagram A narrow street off the high street leading to the church A post shared by Marie Schofield (@mschoffy) on Oct 5, 2018 at 7:56am PDT

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Going back to my old hometown | Part Two The village of Yalding in Kent is situated on the River Medway. It’s an area that was often susceptible to flooding, although the flood defences have been improved in recent times. There is...