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Handwriting matters!

I believe that handwriting matters. It is as individual as we are, and wherever possible it should be encouraged. What do you think? I love receiving handwritten letters from family and friends, and writing...


The Button Box

The button box: not just for sewing. List of things you can teach with buttons. Remember that children under three should not play with buttons.


Pick Me Up playlist

I was tagged to do this by Chloe before I wrote my post about how music affects our moods, however, I didn’t find out until now! There are some rules, and I am not...


How does music affect our moods?

How does music affect our moods, and why does it influence us in so many ways? In this post I will write about what happens when we hear different types of music. Some of this will seem like common sense, but until I looked further into this subject, I didn’t realise how easy it was to make a low mood much worse by listening to the “wrong” music.