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How does music affect our moods?

How does music affect our moods, and why does it influence us in so many ways? In this post I will write about what happens when we hear different types of music. Some of this will seem like common sense, but until I looked further into this subject, I didn’t realise how easy it was to make a low mood much worse by listening to the “wrong” music.
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Music for Moods

Without a doubt, music is very emotive, and it can change your mood before the song has even ended. It can remind you of a time, a place, a person and stir up all the feelings associated with those memories [...] most of the time I actively avoid listening to the radio ...

5 Reasons Why I Blog Every Day

I have read lots of ideas about how often to post and when. Many suggest that you can post too much, and that blogging every day isn't always a good thing. Here are my main reasons for blogging daily ...