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Day Three: Hannah

Hannah has been in isolation in hospital for 100 days already. She is 5 years old and has Leukaemia for the second time. She had been enjoying remission and going to nursery school up...


Dental Surgery Update

Last week was Steven’s dental surgery, here’s what happened: We had to arrive at the ward very early in the morning (6.00am) as Steven was going to be first on the list. A nurse...



My son got a tumour in his head. It wasn’t in his brain, but it was near. I looked at my beautiful child with his dazzling eyes and his beautiful teeth, and I was...


Acute Myeloid Leukaemia: First Chemotherapy Cycle

My son was taken ill on holiday and ended up in a foreign hospital. The doctors were quick to suggest that he had Leukaemia and gave him several blood transfusions. They wanted to do more but understandably all my son wanted to do was come home.


What to say to a cancer parent

Cancer is a shocking disease and people will deal with the diagnosis in many different ways. Unfortunately, some people just don’t know what to say. In most cases we know that this isn’t because...


Where the birds don’t fly

We look out of the window onto a small patch of garden. The view isn’t always clear, sometimes distorted by reflections of us or the light from the room. No-one can see into our...


Childhood Cancer – The Costs

It’s never easy talking about money, but people have asked how they can help … There are many additional costs relating to having a seriously ill child in hospital. The biggest expense is often...