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Just Art

I primed a piece of waste cardboard with white gesso, then added texture using homemade paste and a stencil. I added colour with inktense & water and encouraged some run marks and dribbles. Another...


Pink Paper Patchwork

This is my pink paper patchwork piece inspired by Kate Crane on YouTube. I used my Gel Press to make an A4 sheet of patterned paper. It is just copier paper, nothing fancy. For...


Gel Press Techniques #1: Embossed Acetate

Acetate sheets are an extremely useful resource for crafters. Did you know that you can put them through your embossing folders? I didn’t know about this trick until a friend told me about it. Now I am sharing what I have made, using the combination of embossed acetate with my Gel Press printing plate.


Craft round up

This is just a quick round up of the crafts I’ve been doing this week. Firstly, I’m getting through the yarn I ordered from Love Knitting, but I’ve taken a break to rest my...