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Bringing structure and routine to your blog

Organised or not

Here are a few tips for getting your blog organised so that you can blog effectively.

Develop your style

You may know straight away what your writing style is, or it may develop over time. Think about whether you will write in a casual or formal way. Are you trying to make people laugh, or is your blog serious?

Develop a theme

WordPress has it’s own themes, but develop your blog theme further to make your own brand. By this, I mean

  • add a logo and/or a header photo
  • use the same format for your posts where possible, keeping to the same easy to read font, greet your readers and sign off in the same way each time
  • You can use a draft post to create a template, or copy another of your posts to help you keep posts looking similar
  • even if your blog is text only, make the most of a featured image. It will stand out in the WordPress Reader more, bringing you more traffic

Schedule posts

The ability to schedule posts is such a helpful feature. Even if you think you have all the time in the world, I would still recommend scheduling. It means that you can set your posts up to be published daily, or on the same day each week, the 1st of the month, whatever. It establishes a pattern which is helpful to both you and your reader. I use the draft posts to keep up with my ideas, and then when they are ready to post, I schedule them. Scheduling also gives you a ‘cooling off period’, as well as some ‘wriggle room’ to swap things around if you want to. Finally, if you have some posts queued up and ready then your blog works for you in the background which is so handy if you do become busy.

Keep an eye on your stats

Your stats can tell you your best day to post, the best time to post, your most popular subjects, and who comments on your blog the most etc. Use this information to your advantage. Do more of what works, and make sure you are interacting with your readers. If you have someone who comments regularly, do you visit their blog frequently too? Would you consider inviting them to write a guest post?

Read other blogs

Make sure that you are reading as well as writing. I make it part of my routine to browse the WordPress Reader. I catch up with all the blogs I follow, and then I search for a topic I am interested in and find new blogs to follow. You can also research your topic by reading what other people are saying about it. Never copy someone else though – that’s just rude! If you like their post that much then reblog it or share it on your social media, but don’t steal their words.

Keep up with comments

I moderate all my comments so that I can keep track. In the past, I could miss comments that were automatically approved. Make sure you read your comments and respond. Have a conversation. Build a community.

Maintain your topic(s)

Use your categories and tags to ‘file’ your posts. Keeping them organised makes it easier for your readers to find them. If they enjoy one post about a particular subject, they might look for more.

Try to limit your categories to a few main headings, use your sub-categories to divide them further, and then go to town with your tags.

Use short phrases in your tags as well as individual words to help the search engines find your post. You can even use common mis-spellings of words, and variations such as ‘colour’ and ‘color’ for instance.

Proofread and check spellings

Please check and double check, preview and check again. Nobody is perfect, but I recently read a post saying “I always check my posts for errors,” and there was a mistake in the very first sentence!

I welcome feedback on all my posts. You can submit a comment below, or use my contact form. So if you see a mistake, or you think I need an extra comma, then please get in touch.

Thank you for reading, see you again soon!


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