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Blogging tips

This is a collection of all the blogging tips I have learned. Most of my education has happened since becoming self-hosted. However, I always try to think of things that any blogger can do to make their blog awesome. Therefore, these tips are for everyone.

I wanted to share them to help other people, and to make the blogosphere seem less mysterious.

I firmly believe that blogging should be fun. It makes me sad when I see neglected blogs. I wonder what made the person fall out of love with their blog. Sometimes it is just because people get too busy, and I can understand that. I find that being able to schedule posts is great for busy times, or to fill in the blanks if I get writers block. If you have a blog you are proud of then it will certainly help you to keep writing.

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Anything you read here I have discovered through my favourite method of learning …

What does this button do?

I have always been interested in computers, and I am a firm believer in just clicking away to find out what happens. I am confident that the computer software is programmed to always double-check before it does anything catastrophic – well, 99% confident!

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You can just scroll through the posts below to see which blogging tips interest you. Then click on the read more button. It would be very helpful if you could share the posts. Pinterest saves are also welcome.

Essential Blog Admin

Use my essential blog admin list as part of your blogging routine. Practise these admin tasks as part of good blog housekeeping.

Basic SEO tips for your blog, whether you are self hosted or not

Here are my basic SEO tips. They may help to improve your Search Engine Optimisation, whether your blog is self hosted or not.

How to use Alt Text correctly

Do you know how to use Alt Text correctly, or even why it exists?

How to create a theme for your blog

Even if you cannot change the fonts and colours of your blog theme/template, you can still use these tips to make your blog more recognisable

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Thank you so much for taking a look at this page. Do you have any blogging tips you would like to share? Perhaps you would like to have a guest post to share your wisdom? You can get in touch via email and we can make it happen.

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