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Blogging gives us so much

Read Write Learn Blog!

We can learn a lot from blogging.

There are blogs about all sorts of things, and there are even blogs about blogging. The more we read, the more we learn.

We can learn a lot from writing too.

To write an interesting article, we need to research and we need to take a look at the world around us.

We need to capture what we have learned, or what we have seen, and then turn it into words and pictures for others to enjoy.

All the while, we are learning about ourselves too. We are learning about what we like and dislike, and developing opinions, which may be subject to change. Remember that an opinion is not fact, and should not be presented as such.

We need to not just read blogs, but to “listen” to the conversation that follows in the comments afterwards. In doing so, we can begin to understand the impact of what has been written. In adding our own voice to the conversation, we should be polite and kind always, enriching the conversation with a different idea perhaps, or expanding on a point made in the main post. We can ask for clarification if we don’t understand, but we should always respect the time the blogger has taken to write and publish their post, and not belittle or berate.

So, we learn to tolerate, and to celebrate our differences, and not to fight them.

We learn time management and organisational skills, by getting into a routine with our blogging.

We learn computer skills maybe as we get to know the platform which hosts our blog, by using the built in features, and by tweaking the design and theme.

We learn good housekeeping and administrative skills, keeping on top of those notifications and answering comments.

We learn what works by reviewing our stats.

We learn our own style too, as this usually develops over a period of time.

We can learn when the words flow, and when the words don’t (and what to do if we experience writer’s block). We may find it easier at certain times of the day or week to write. Or being in a certain place. We may go to our photographs for inspiration, or even rewrite a previous blog post, bringing it up to date. We learn what works and what doesn’t.

I hope that you have learned something today, and that it was a positive experience.

What is the biggest thing you have learned from blogging?

Would you be happy to share in the comments below?

Thank you so much for reading this post. See you again soon.


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