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Day One: Pencil Pixie

This photo ⬇ came up in my memories today. The image, called Pencil Pixie, was a free digi stamp, and one of my favourites to colour. Sadly, she is no longer available from Whimsie...


Look After Each Other

You don’t need me to tell you that the whole World has been affected in some way by Coronavirus – Covid19. As the UK slowly, (too slow for some), starts a period of social...


Dental Surgery Update

Last week was Steven’s dental surgery, here’s what happened: We had to arrive at the ward very early in the morning (6.00am) as Steven was going to be first on the list. A nurse...



My son got a tumour in his head. It wasn’t in his brain, but it was near. I looked at my beautiful child with his dazzling eyes and his beautiful teeth, and I was...


Tell me a story

I’m thinking of writing some short stories, based around one character. I haven’t written any fiction since school, so I don’t really know how to start, but I made some notes today. Obviously I...