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Day 14: Doodles

Doodles are fun and relaxing. You can find step by step photos on Pinterest. I like to look for tutorials on YouTube too, such as Pete McKee teaching how to draw cartoons. I have...


Day 13: Guest Post

Over a number of years, my Dad wrote his memoirs. Although not formally published, he made several copies and they are in circulation around family and friends. Dad’s life has been full of interesting...

Text reads "Social Saturday" Above the letter i is animated speech bubble containing a heart. Below the words is a yellow star that moves from right to left to reveal pink and purple stripes. To the right is a mobile phone showing a full screen photo of a white cup on a wooden surface. 9

Day 12: Social Saturday

Social Saturday used to be a regular spot on my blog whereby I recommended other blogs to my readers. I feel that with all this social distancing going on, it is definitely time to...


Fibbing Friday Fun

While looking for new blogs to add to my reading list, I stumbled across this fun one: Fibbing Friday April 3rd 2020 To take part, answer these questions in the most creative way you...

A pen and notebook. Text reads Create your own blog list and ignore wordpress reader 16

Day 11: Create Your Own Blog List

Here’s Why You Need to Ignore the WordPress Reader Yes, I said create your own blog list and IGNORE WordPress reader! WordPress reader is great, but like everything else, if you follow lots of...


Day Nine: Canva Tutorial

Canva has made it even easier to coordinate your blog theme, and here’s how: Canva is a free design program loved by many bloggers. I recently saw this new feature and I wanted to...


Day Eight: Flat Lay Photography

How to Create Beautiful Flat Lay Photographs for Your Blog or Instagram Flat lay photography means exactly what it says. Many influencers use it to make their blogs and Instagram feeds look amazing. The...


Day Six: Boredom Busters

Here is my round up of articles and activities from the web to help you get through the UK Lockdown … #StayHomeSaveLives