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Day Nine: Canva Tutorial

Canva has made it even easier to coordinate your blog theme, and here’s how: Canva is a free design program loved by many bloggers. I recently saw this new feature and I wanted to...


Day Eight: Flat Lay Photography

How to Create Beautiful Flat Lay Photographs for Your Blog or Instagram Flat lay photography means exactly what it says. Many influencers use it to make their blogs and Instagram feeds look amazing. The...


Day Six: Boredom Busters

Here is my round up of articles and activities from the web to help you get through the UK Lockdown … #StayHomeSaveLives

A cassette tape with some of the tape pulled out to form a heart shape. The cassette is on a red background. Black text on an orange background reads Day Five: Mixtapes 0

Day Five: Mixtapes

Mixtapes of music have been around in some form or another for decades. They are a great way of gathering all your favourite songs together in one playlist. My understanding of the history of...


Day Four: Interior Design

Just for fun, I’m going to build a virtual house from Pinterest … I haven’t put too much thinking into my plan because I wanted to choose images that caught my eye instantly. I...

a photo of Hannah smiling 4

Day Three: Hannah

Hannah has been in isolation in hospital for 100 days already. She is 5 years old and has Leukaemia for the second time. She had been enjoying remission and going to nursery school up...


Day One: Pencil Pixie

This photo ⬇ came up in my memories today. The image, called Pencil Pixie, was a free digi stamp, and one of my favourites to colour. Sadly, she is no longer available from Whimsie...