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Artist Trading Cards: July 2019

What are Artist Trading Cards?

Artist Trading Cards are small pieces of art, designed to be swapped, never sold. They are always 3.5 inches x 2.5 inches , or, 89 mm × 64 mm. I usually call them by their abbreviation eg. ATCs. On the back of the card I put my details such as my name and email address. Then, I try to think of a good title for the design, but, you don’t have to give it a name. If it is part of a set, then I will also give it a number. Importantly, I write the date I created the piece on the back of the card too. I really should use my date stamp for this!

Infographic showing the size of an Artist Trading Card or ATC
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Some ATCs I made recently

I have made a gallery of a few of the Artist Trading Cards that I designed recently – you can click on each picture to see more 🙂

I made all the backgrounds with my Gel Press printing plate and I stamped the images. I used coffee stamps from The Works and some other stamps from my stash, but I don’t know what brand the others are.

The inspiration for the coffee ones came from coffee shop loyalty cards. When I created the flower trellis I didn’t plan to put the flower stamp on; I made the background and then had the idea to use that stamp. Again, with the peacock, the background happened and then I thought about what stamp I could put with it.

Why Make ATCs?

Artist Trading Cards can be a good warm up to making larger projects. You can experiment with different colours and techniques in a fun way that you can share with others.

Some of my ATCs find their way into my #snailmail, and some become card toppers, because it can actually be quite difficult to find people to swap with.

If you need inspiration then Pinterest is such a great place to look. I think that the ATCs I see pinned there are incredibly detailed, and I find it hard to believe that they are miniatures.

Please let me know in the comments, which of mine is your favourite?

Thanks for reading 🙂

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