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Armchair Travel

There are many ways to travel and many places to go, and adventure can be a good thing. The exhilaration of going to a new place, getting on a plane, going on a road trip, meeting new people, eating different food …

What can you do though if you cannot travel but you still want to see the World?

For me, the answer is definitely YouTube. You can find out so much from watching “vlogs” from the comfort of your armchair. These snippets of information often give you more of a feel for somewhere than a highly polished advertisement or brochure. A good vlogger will make you feel like you are there with them, experiencing that same view. Okay, you cannot taste the food, smell the smells, feel the breeze etc, but you can imagine it all. Another thing about vloggers is that they are so passionate about what they are doing, that they don’t want to keep it to themselves. Yes, many want to be famous I am sure, but most vloggers are just keen to share, to make their part of the World accessible to others.

Some vloggers started because it was a way to keep in touch with friends and family while they were travelling, and then those people suggested they made their videos public.

If you subscribe to a channel, you really get to know the person, as you literally follow their journey. You see their first vlog, maybe they are a bit nervous, maybe it is a bit shaky, a bit of hastily shot film on a mobile phone. Later, they are owning it, filming like a boss, bold cinematic footage, confidently talking to camera, and you feel like you have been with them every step of the way.

So, to all the vloggers that keep me entertained, I thank you!

Please drop me a comment with a link to your favourite vlog and I will go and take a look.

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