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Abandoned blogs

Are you happy with your blog?

I can honestly say that I am happy with this one. I like my URL, the simple theme is good and I have a routine which works and therefore I can keep it up to date, for the moment at least.

If things get heavy I know I could always drop one of my posting days.

Is it the only blog you’ve ever had?

My answer is no. I’ve had many blogs, and not always on WordPress. I have not deleted all my old blogs, they can still be found if people want to look.

However, I should really have a final post on my other blogs redirecting people to this blog perhaps?

What prompted this post was the number of abandoned blogs I come across when looking for interesting blogs to follow.

I have found a large batch that have been created and the writer has not even got beyond the first post.

Then there are other blogs that appear to have been quite busy and then suddenly stop, no explanation offered. I suppose my old blogs could be viewed in the same way.

It seems like such a shame to me, and I wonder what has happened to these bloggers. Did they get too busy, or just become disillusioned with blogging?

I really hope that I do not fall into that trap again, and find myself with blog burnout or feeling that it’s not worth uploading any more content to my blog.

I hope that even if I run out of words that I won’t have run out of photographs!

I also know of people who have sadly forgotten their passwords and can’t recover their blogs. That could be me later as I’m terrible with passwords. It’s so much easier when some sites can send a code to your phone for you to log in with. Although I’m sure that system isn’t flawless.

There are many blogs about blogging, and I don’t want to be one of those. It is natural though that the more time you spend with other bloggers, the more ideas you will have about what works and what doesn’t.

My main rule is that this blog is for me. If others read it then that is a lovely bonus. The same with my videos on YouTube. It’s great to have subscribers, but it’s the process of making the videos that helps me and that’s what important at the moment.

Obviously, it is nice to know that other people are reading my blog and watching my videos, so please do leave me a like or a comment of encouragement.

Thanks for dropping by,


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0 thoughts on “Abandoned blogs”

  1. 🙂 Nicely, Marie-Céline.

    What are the chances of you undergoing blogger burnout?

    Hey, I do not expect your blog to be based on blogging.

    People do abandon their blogs for numerous reason, but the number one reason is, lost of interest.

    In my case, if you do not see any blog posts from me, I am either dead or there was an internet outage in my area.

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