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5 Reasons Why I Blog Every Day

I have read lots of ideas about how often to post and when. Many suggest that you can post too much, and that blogging every day isn’t always a good thing.

Here are my main reasons for blogging daily

1) I have a lot in my head that needs to be vented

This blog is one way that I can express myself. I feel that this is a positive thing to do. I am a creative person and writing is just one way that I can be creative.

2) I write about different things and spread the posts across the week

I post about craft on a Monday, photography on Wednesday, my favourite something on a Friday, once a month I have a Social Saturday and every Sunday I share a short video clip. In between I post about any subject I choose.

3) It gives me a routine

In addition to the above number 2 reason, it gives me something different to do everyday. It doesn’t overwhelm me when I am unwell because I make use of draft posts and scheduling. It helps distract me if I need a distraction. Part of my routine is reading other blogs and commenting as well, so I feel like I am part of a community.

4) My blog is like my notebook

If I think of something I want to write about, I can quickly open the WordPress app on my phone and start a draft post. Sometimes that might just be the title, just so I don’t forget an idea. I will come back to it later and add the detail if it is something I want to share. That is exactly how this post started.

5) It’s my blog and I’ll write if I want to

Although this is number 5, it is probably the most important one. I blog, because I want to. I write everyday, because I want to. I am not trying to monetise my blog, I am not trying to go viral, and I am not after hundreds of subscribers. I read blogging tips and I decide if they are relevant to what I want to do, rather than thinking I should do XYZ because ‘A Famous Blogger’ said so.

Thank you for reading this, I hope that it makes sense to you. If you are a blogger, please let me know a bit about your blogging schedule. I would love you to have a look at some of my other posts. All my posts are catagorised, so you can search by topic. Please use the search bar or click on a tag below.

Happy blogging!


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0 thoughts on “5 Reasons Why I Blog Every Day”

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  2. I blogged every day (or almost every day) for several years…funny…I did suddenly run out of good tips to share, but now I share a lot of photos of flowers, gardens, etc., and also, quite happily, started a Weather Vane photo challenge in June. If you have any weather vanes to share…please visit on Wednesdays and leave a link to your post.

  3. Love what you’ve said here! Totally agree that it’s ultimately YOUR blog to change as YOU see fit. Either readers will enjoy reading what you publish and look forward to your new posts, or they don’t and won’t because it’s just not their thing. Whatever you publish, if you’re genuinely passionate about it then it shines through in the content, and so many readers will appreciate that enthusiasm for a subject you love. Keep it up! ❤

    1. Thank you Renard. It’s good to read tips from other bloggers but you do have to do what you feel is right for you, otherwise it no longer becomes your blog in my opinion.
      Have a great day and a wonderful weekend.

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